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What to see in Cuenca on a weekend
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How to organize your weekend to visit Cuenca and Huete

Huete has been a prominent geographical enclave since the Iron Age, since since then it has been a place of settlement for different civilizations. Its defensive character, its natural environment, water and many other resources, add up today to an unmatched architectural heritage. If you add that it is located 120km from Madrid and 30km from Cuenca, it becomes the ideal place to get to know Cuenca in a weekend.

Take note because this is what you can't miss!

The Casa Palacio Conde de Garcinarro is a boutique hotel in Cuenca that has the privilege of occupying a strategic location to visit the province of Cuenca. As we have told you about what to visit in Huete in 2 days, there are many attractions in this monumental city, but we recommend not missing some of the most beautiful places in Cuenca that are very close to our accommodation.

If you arrive in Huete on Friday, we recommend that you visit the Tourist Office, located in the Monastery of La Merced, and that you take the opportunity to visit one of the jewels of the city: the Huete Photography Museum, located in the old Renaissance Convent of Jesus and Mary, without a doubt a reference that you cannot miss.


On Saturday morning, have a hearty breakfast at our breakfast buffet, and head to the capital: Cuenca. We recommend that you leave the highway aside and take the CM 310, crossing La Alcarria until you reach the Serranía de Cuenca.


Arriving in Cuenca is a spectacle, the location of the city itself is a monument made by water and air after thousands of years. Cuenca, a World Heritage City, is a jewel of nature and history. We recommend that you go to the Castle District where you can leave your vehicle and begin your visit from there. The arrival at the Castle, where the parking is located and the visit begins, is the highest place in the city. You will be able to see the ancient remains of the castle that protected the city of Cuenca and pass under the famous Bezudo Arch. From here, the spectacular views of the two Hoces that surround Cuenca, Júcar and Huécar, stand out. That of Júcar.

Here we offer you a very fun plan just for lovers of heights: enjoy the highest urban zipline in Europe crossing the Cuenca gorges from above. Highly recommended!

We continue discovering Cuenca along Julio Romero de Torres Street, better known as Ronda del Húecar, and without a doubt one of the most beautiful and medieval streets in Cuenca. You will come across buildings such as the Carmelitas Convent (headquarters of the Antonio Pérez Foundation as well as the Huete Photography Museum) or the Church of San Pedro.

On your way down you will reach the Plaza Mayor where the majestic Cathedral of Cuenca stands, the first Gothic style in Spain. If you visit it, you can't help but go up to its triforium and contemplate it from its highest part.

Surely you have gotten hungry and we recommend that you eat in a restaurant in the Plaza Mayor, where the life of the city on sunny days can be seen on all its terraces.

Continuing your visit, your steps will take you to the Cuenca Museum of Abstract Art, located inside one of its famous Hanging Houses. A sample of the most daring architecture, in fact they are the first skyscrapers that exist. From there you cannot help but cross the San Pablo bridge and observe the city, that Cuenca that seems to rush into the void, from the current Parador de Cuenca and former convent of San Pablo.


If you like walking and nature, we recommend that you return to the Barrio del Castillo through the gorges of its rivers, and from there return to Huete. We will be waiting for you to tell us what you thought of this beautiful city.

On Sunday morning we recommend visiting the Roman Mines of Lapis Specularis "La Cueva del Sanabrio" and taking the guided tour of Huete Monumental that you can book through the hotel or through the links below.

We do not want to be bad but you are missing days, so you will have to return to see the wonders that this province hides, or if you have more days do not hesitate to extend your reservation because you are going to enjoy it, your body and your mind will thank you.

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