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The CUSTOMER can request information by telephone or email and it will be provided through the same channel. The availability, characteristics, offer price and any other issue required by the CUSTOMER will be informed.


Reservations will be made through commercial channels, our website, by email or by telephone. The CUSTOMER must indicate: day of arrival, day of departure, price that has been offered and their complete identification data as well as an address email to receive confirmation of the reservation.


From CASA PALACIO CONDE DE GARCINARRO we will send you a confirmation message upon receiving the reservation.




As an accommodation, we are obliged to collect the identification data of ALL the people staying in the HOTEL and make the pertinent communication to the authorities. The mandatory data that the CLIENT must provide for ALL the people staying in the house are: Name complete and Surname, ID or passport, as well as the full address, telephone number and email of the person responsible for the reservation.





Payment for the stay will be made upon arrival at the accommodation, except in the case of the non-refundable rate, which will be made at the time of booking.


All applicable charges for reservations, cancellations, extras or any other service consumed at the establishment will be charged to the card provided at the time of formalizing the reservation.



The CLIENT receives the home in optimal conditions of cleanliness and order, and is obliged to take care of it, the garden with its furniture, pool and barbecue, correctly. If the CUSTOMER observes any damage or anomaly, he must report it at the time of his observation at the time of handing over the keys, otherwise it will be considered a damage by the CUSTOMER.


THE CLIENT must leave and return the rural house in acceptable clean conditions and with all the furniture and belongings in the same state as they were when entering it. It is expressly requested to keep the furniture and belongings in their original places.


At the end of their stay, the property and fixtures of the home will be checked, as well as their cleanliness and order, in the presence of the guests.


The DEPOSIT deposited by the CLIENT will serve to guarantee repairs of possible damages, and will be returned at the end of their stay, if at the time of returning the keys the house is in the same condition in which it was delivered.


If the home suffers any damage by the CLIENT, said damage will be repaired or the CLIENT will pay the amount of the repair. In this case, the part necessary to cover the costs of repair or replacement of elements that allow the rural house to be returned to its original state will be deducted from the deposit.


If the cost of the repair or replacement of these objects is greater than the deposit, the deposit will not be returned and payment of the damages will be left pending until the damage is evaluated, and will be settled later.




Groups for events such as weddings, communions, etc., should consult the rental conditions before booking, either by phone or email.




The CLIENT undertakes to act with the utmost civility, respecting the environment, calm, nature, cleanliness and order of the home.


The CLIENT and all people staying at CASA PALACIO CONDE DE GARCINARRO, are subject to respect for the coexistence regulations that govern the municipality of HUETE.


In addition, other rules of use and coexistence are established:

1st Respect, at all times, for calm and rest, as well as coexistence with other people who may be staying in adjacent homes, making noises prohibited after midnight.


2º The safety of the building and the guests, in this sense, the CLIENT must try to leave the entrance door and windows tightly closed, especially when leaving.


3º The CLIENT must respect the furniture and facilities of the HOTEL.

4º Due to the location of the property, the use of any type of pyrotechnic material (firecrackers, flares, etc.) is strictly prohibited.


5º In the event of evidence of VANDALISM, NOISE, DISTURBANCE, FOUNDED COMPLAINTS FROM NEIGHBORS or IMPRUDENT USE of the home and its belongings, the owners reserve the right to terminate the rental contract at any time, with the tenants having to leave the property immediately without right to return.


6º The HOTEL reserves the right to not accept or cancel stays that do not comply with the rules

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